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The Tree

A tree matures and extends its roots and provides sturdy branches that welcome visitors. The tree is part of the urban forest and steadfastly sits amid the bustling [..]


I’m Alive

I look up to the sky, gasping for air Sweat glistening on my skin, the wind makes my hair rise I squint and the blue sky comes into [..]


Why I Love Twitter

Not all social media applications are created equal.  I don’t particularly like social media.  I can, however, easily say I love Twitter.  For people unfamiliar, it’s easy to [..]


Living Alone

When you live alone, your dwelling can be a safe and quiet refuge from the chaos of the outer world, or it can be a prison where you [..]


The City

 As a genuine lover of cities, with a penchant for melancholy reflection, I found this paragraph description of the city from Haruki Murakami’s The Elephant Vanishes to be [..]



A sight, a smell, a gesture— takeoff Reality dims, the destination illuminates Resistance futile, all options are off The black hole’s merciless pull accelerates   Torment overtakes upon [..]


Home, Sweet Home

There is no denying that Denver is a city fast on the move.  Any casual perusing of “Top Cities” lists usually finds Denver firmly nestled atop the leaders:  [..]


Me So Horny

I’m serious about this question: why are humans so damn horny?  Alongside money, what else makes the world go ‘round?  Unarguably it would be sex.  Sex is everywhere.  [..]

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Don’t Ask Why

I’d describe myself as intellectually curious. I recently heard someone describe himself as having an unquenchable curiosity. I like that. I’d say that’s me. I’m addicted to information. [..]


Tender Tears

I did something today I haven’t done in awhile: I cried.  Not the eyes-filling-with-water variety, but full-on drops down the cheek style.  And it wasn’t about me.  But [..]