About Me

My name is Danny. I was born in Colorado Springs, CO.  My endless pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and direction in life—otherwise known as college—has found me living in Greeley, Ft. Collins, Boulder, and Denver.  I’m compiling a resume to run for Governor of Colorado someday, as I’ll have lived in every city on the Front Range.  But I love school and wish I could do it forever.  I had a good run.  At 35, school is over for me— for now.  The goal of school failed me in that I feel like I have about as much direction now as I did when I started, which is none.  Nonetheless, I have an appetite for information.  I read everything I get my hands on and am interested in about everything—to some degree.  That’s part of the problem: I’m into too many things; I can’t focus on one.  I prefer to shallowly graze many topics than to densely tackle one.

My conflicting and often opposing interests and personality traits further illustrate this dilemma.  I’m black…  and white; kind to strangers…  but an asshole to people I know; run long distance…  and try to body build; listen to Wiz Khlifa…  and Mozart; am ambitious…  but like having no responsibility; wrestle between reading War and Peace…  or watching TMZ; am a big-time nerd…  but try to hang out with cool kids; am so smooth…  when I’m not being socially awkward; and fade in and out of believing there’s a point in trying.  I think I’m a good person to know, though.  I’m friendly and funny; I get along with everyone.  I’m open-minded, objective, and always analyzing.  I’m down to talk about celebrity gossip or the meaning of life—and I’m never in a hurry.

This site is my brain on paper.  I love to write.  I love to think.  This led to the loose collection of free-flowing writings that form this site.  Some of the entries are better than others.  Some of the entries make more sense than others.  I’ve noticed I gravitate towards opining about the folly of the human condition.  And in line with the ritual of the Millennial, I enjoy infusing myself into the center where I can.  But if I’m able to unearth a tired topic and provide even one unique twist on it that you may not have heard, I’d call this a success.  I had no original intention of sharing these mentally embedded musings, but I guess I decided to jot them down and legitimize this as an official hobby.  Thanks for reading.

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