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The Donald

So, Donald Trump’s over-the-top rhetoric dramatically escalated since I wrote the following piece.  Even his amusing personality isn’t really funny to me anymore. I have a confession to [..]

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I Love Your Life

What activity in life most compels you to look up to the sky and say, “I LOVE MY LIFE!!”? What is that absolute thing or activity or accomplishment [..]


Text Offenders

Texting sucks.  I think it might be the worst technological invention we’ve ever had to suffer through.  It’s no secret that old people despise it.  We’ve all heard [..]

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That Guy

The goal of my life is not to be “that guy.” No, the core values of my life, the very essence of my being, the light I’m trying [..]

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The Schizophrenic 20s

An article I wrote 4 years ago.  Still relevant, ha! I want it, I don’t want it.  I am that, I’m not that.  I am Danny and I’m [..]

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A Day in the Life

Circa 2007.  A glimpse into my life at that time. I got off work around two o’clock pm.  Got in, ate a can of tuna and a packet of [..]

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