A sight, a smell, a gesture— takeoff

Reality dims, the destination illuminates

Resistance futile, all options are off

The black hole’s merciless pull accelerates


Torment overtakes upon final descent

The turbulence intensifies, the end inevitable

Shot out raw and naked, feet buried in cement

The scab is peeled off, the pain inescapable


Loves lost, failures, missed opportunities

Burning, stinging—upright and exposed

Humiliations, defeats, insecurities

Straight into the heart, it cannot be closed


Tired of this—does it ever go away?

Time heals all wounds— succor in a saying

But it festers, more infrequent, still preys

Rips at your core, sturdy footing fraying


You’re here, a barren wasteland of sadness

Straightjacket, strapped to a chair, restrained

Mouth pried open, eat it! Your world is ashes

Eyelids stapled open, see it! You can’t refrain


As the daunting reality of eternal suffering sets in

When the torment and aguish seem to overflow

The honking of a horn ushers reality back in

The light turned green, cars are waiting, time to go


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