Random Thoughts

This page is a continuously growing collection of random thoughts that I jot down as they come to me. Some are a bit insensitive or vulgar… but, um… that’s the point!

I don’t respect successful people (as much) whose parents are also highly successful.  There’s something inherently easier about following the already-laid-down path, or using the superior genetics provided by a set of parents—especially in athletics.

Stereotypes exist because they are true.  People always rail against them, claiming that because not everyone in a group falls into a certain stereotype, they are not fair.  Well, there are exceptions to everything. What’s your point?

Why do people get married so young?  Have you seen the divorce rate?  You have your whole damn life to be married; what’s the rush?

It’s not always the best and the brightest that make it.  Hard work is the common denominator, but luck is what ensures it.

People who are charming, outgoing and good with people were born like that.  I have never met someone who was a coward or shy throughout adolescence and early adulthood who is now extroverted and charming.

When a tragedy happens and the survivors thank God for surviving, what about the people that did not survive?  Did God not want to bless them?

Your life is largely determined by when, where, and who you came out of.

I hate how facebook provides a tool for narcissistic people to babble endlessly about how important everything they do is.

Some aren’t, but hardships in life are largely relative.  I believe a well-off person can live with more psychological turmoil than a homeless person, depending on the relative nature of the circumstances.

Conventional wisdom tells us that it takes a real man not to fight — that the bigger person is the one who can walk away from a potential fight.  I disagree.  Not fighting is the easy way out.  It takes a real man to fight.  Fighting is scary.  You put your pride on the line and risk possible embarrassment or injury or legal trouble.  That takes more balls than walking away.

I think gyms’ mirrors make you look bigger than you are.  Reason: wannabe meat-heads look bigger (the weights are working!) and are motivated to lift even more intensely.  Over-weight people look bigger than desired, and therefore, must keep on the cardio.  Both contribute to continued gym attendance.

Girls who have big boobs have flat asses, and girls who have big asses have small boobs.

I don’t see the purpose of trying to battle or rail against blowhards like Rush Limbaugh or retards like Sara Palin.  They enjoy the indignation of the “liberal media,” use it as fuel for their wing nut base, and there’s no gettin’ rid of them.

Is it just me, or do some people seem like they don’t have any insecurities? (I know everyone does. I’m just saying).

To steal a line from Charles Barkely: “God doesn’t have a favorite team.”  Don’t freakin thank God for beating someone’s ass in a cage fight or for thrashing through someone’s defense in a football game.  If God helped you get the victory, wouldn’t that mean he damned the other side?  There’s no moral righteousness in sports.

Along the same lines of the saying: “if it doesn’t kill you it will only make you stronger,” people that have endured terrible adversities such as rough childhoods or war, but escaped sanely, seem to have an edge and know something that non-enduring people don’t.

Trying to be successful sucks: more schooling, expenses, pressure, and responsibility.  It’s so much easier to chill in a “slacker” position and not look to advance.

I hate decisions.  It’s so much easier not to have a choice.  You just do what you have to do and deal with what’s in front of you.  When you have to choose a course, you get bogged down with possible regrets and woulda-coulda-shouldas.  Options suck.

I hate the Winter Olympics.  Think about it: most of the events in the ritual are those of which privileged white kids begin shortly after learning how to walk.  Ice skating, skiing, and speed skating—to name a few— are sports that only sons and daughters of prominent participants in the sport get an early crack at.  I also hate how, unlike the summer Olympics, most of the winter games are relative and arbitrary.  It’s all in the hands of fickle judges and performed on arbitrary courses.  Most of the sports in the summer games have set distances, times, heights, and records that can be compared across the board and to previous generations.

I’ve noticed that people love to say about stupid people: “they’re smarter than you think” or “they’re no fool.”  Shut up. If you have to say a phrase like that it means they’re stupid (e.g. Jessica Simpson, Sara Palin).

I never know what to believe about those murder stories where a person gets killed in an assassination-type manner, and the family acts like the deceased person was caring and loving and never did any wrong.  I know people do get killed for no reason, but outside of crimes of passion, when someone’s being specifically targeted to be murdered, he or she was probably involved in something shady beneath the surface.

The world population is rapidly expanding while unemployment increases.  Where are people going to work?  I go to the grocery store and you check yourself out.  I go to the library and you check out your own books.  The mail is nearly 100% automated outside of delivery.  If we continue to give more and more tasks to robots and computers, what’s left for humans to do?  Will “robot tech” be the only remain job available?

Money is a son of a bitch.  I know that this is about as far from original as you can get.  But what irks me is when things and activities that, without inherently relating to money, cost shit loads of money.  Travel is a good example.  Desiring to travel and see the world is a humble and worldly aspiration that doesn’t necessarily equate to trying to be a rich showoff.  However, you have to have some serious cash to do it.   It sucks that transporting your body far distances has to cost a lot of money.

I don’t know how people can work in hard labor for 30+ years.  If I was forced with that proposition, suicide would be considered.

Speaking of suicide, I’m honestly surprised more people don’t kill themselves.  There are some people that, any way you slice it, have some pretty shitty lives.  Yet suicide rates are relatively low.

Nothing you can do in the world is original.  No matter how crazy, shocking, or awesome the action, someone’s done it.  Wow, you had a beautiful kid or married the perfect partner?!  So what, it’s been done billions of times.  Oh, you ran down the street naked, shooting people?  Been done thousands of times.  What? you’re a nuclear physicist?  There’s a bunch of those.  Oh, you have the worst life ever and are going to kill yourself?  Join the club. “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

Something crazy to think about: there are almost 7 billion people living in the world, and 106 billion total in history.  You know how many combinations of social situations occur from numbers like that?  The craziest scenarios you can possibly imagine have probably happened somewhere at some time.  A girl’s husband having a foursome with her mom, grandpa and uncle—happened.  A girl having sex for the first time and getting AIDS and pregnant—happened.   A random shooting where one of the victims is a friend of the shooter—happened.  A serious car accident where the two parties involved are relatives—happened.  A couple running into each other at a restaurant while they’re both cheating on each other with other dates—happened.  It’s infinite.

I think the whole “doing what you love” thing is overrated.  For most people, at the end of the day, it’s work, it sucks.

How many unfortunate incidences like robberies and adulteries do you hear about? A lot!  However, those are stories from actual transgressions.  You have to think, for every guy that’s been caught cheating on his wife, there’s probably three other guys that didn’t get caught.  For every person that’s been held up in the street for their belongings, imagine how many people have been almost held up, but maybe the perpetrator changed his mind or got scared off.  Pretty scary.  I mean that’s everything in life.  For everything happens, imagine how many almost happened—car accidents, rapes, shootings.  There are some lucky people in the world.

I just saw on TV that some well-known person just died.  He lived from 1914 to 2011.  If someone born today (2012) were to live as long as him, they wouldn’t pass away until 2109!

I hate when you walk past someone on the street who is looking at you funny, and it appears that he might try to follow you.  After you can’t see him anymore (because he’s behind you), you want to look back to make sure he’s not following you. It makes  for a tough choice between not looking back and making yourself vulnerable, or revealing your paranoia and looking back, possibly causing him to take more interest in you.

Why do liberals and conservatives switch places in the international and domestic spheres?  Conservatives say, “Screw poor people in America.  They’re lazy and should help themselves.  Let’s cut social programs.”  But then internationally, it’s, “Oh no, they need our help.  Let’s send our military and resources to help them out because they can’t help themselves.”  Conversely, liberals say, “Poor people in America need our help; it’s not their fault.  Let’s expand the social safety net.”  But then internationally, they say, “Hey, it’s not our place to help out people in other countries.  We need to focus on our own damn country.”

Another switching of places between conservatives and liberals: sex education and gun control.  Conservatives say, “Gun control won’t work.  Criminals will get guns regardless.  All it does is hurt people who follow the law.”  But then on sex education: “We need abstinence only programs exclusively.  We can stop teenagers from having sex.”  Liberals on gun control: “Let’s enact strict gun control policies.  We can stop criminals from getting guns.”  But on sex education: “We need sex education classes to teach kids about condoms and birth control.  Why? Because kids will have sex regardless.”

I can’t stand when people say they don’t get nervous before big events.  They’re lying.  It’s unnatural not to get nervous before a big pay-per-view fight or a speech on national television.  That’s like the equivalent of saying you don’t get sad when people you know die.

People who speed and weave in and out of traffic in nice cars look cool, like they know what they’re doing.  People who do the same thing in junky cars look dangerous and stupid.

How do the people who promote tax cuts for the rich and trickle-down economic theory also have a lock on Jesus and religion?  Have they read the New Testament?  I highly doubt Jesus would be for an economic system based on a rich elite that blows money out of control on private jets, yachts, vacation homes, and steak houses so that the other 99-measly-percent of the population can have the wonderful benefit of working the jobs that support the rich’s fancy.  All Jesus did was rail against money, greed, and excess and spoke about how hard it is for rich people to get into heaven.  Makes no sense.

Why does the human physique change so much over the course of its life—for the worse?  There are so few really attractive people in the world.  It’s weird, especially, for women, an animal that relies on physically attracting the opposite sex.  Men are attracted to the hour glass figure, even certain hip-to-waist ratios.  However, all I see 95% of the time are muffin tops, pot bellies, short stubby legs, and kankles.

I watch a lot of political shows on the right, left, and center.  I’ve noticed something: women political analysts/strategists from the right are often gorgeous, while the ones from the left are usually average or ugly.  Politicians too—on the right you have a plethora of Sara Palin, Michelle Bachman types.  Are there any hot liberal politicians?

Why are gay people attracted to traits of the gender they reject?  Stereotypical “butch dyke” lesbians are not attracted to men, but are attracted to women with masculine traits.  Conversely, stereotypical “flaming” gay men are not attracted to women, but are attracted to men with feminine traits.  I don’t get it.

I wonder how many families experience the situation of losing a loved one whom they thought was normal, but while going through his/her belongings after the death, discover a huge stash of perverted material or evidence of a deviant, secretive second life?

You will always be outdone.  If you don’t want to compete in the LA lifestyle of money, cars and shiny objects, so reject materialism and drive around in a 15-year-old Honda Civic and shop at thrift stores, you’ll encounter someone who drives around in an 25-year-old VW van that runs on vegetable oil and sews his own clothes out of recycled hemp. Guess what? You’re still getting outdone!

Technology has made it easier to be a weirdo.  Back in 1900, if you were walking down the street talking to yourself, you were automatically crazy.  Today, if you’re walking down the street talking to yourself, hey, maybe you’re on the phone with an ear bud or Bluetooth in the other ear.

The saying that most accurately explains life is that Life’s Not Fair. That’s it.  Save yourself the trouble.  All the wonderment about why someone died so young, why you got fired, why a tornado took out a whole town –life’s not fair.  It’s plain and simple, the end.

Does anything make less sense than a poor, black Republican lesbian?

Can a racist person be sexually attracted to a person from the race they hate?  And if so, how much sense does that make?

I love how it’s so cool to trash McDonald’s and brag about how long it’s been since you’ve eaten there, yet when I drive by any McDonald’s at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, all I see are drive-thru lines wrapped around the building.

I hate IPhone texting autocorrect.  It often adds an apostrophe S to words like “Friend’s” or “it’s” when you mean “friends” or “its”—making it appear as though you don’t know grammar.  Or the worst is when it changes a valid and correct word into different one, when you want the damn one you originally typed out.

I hate when people leave voicemails and only say, “Hey it’s (your friend’s name), call me back.” What’s the point of that? It doesn’t say anything.  You might as well hang up and let the missed call speak for itself.

I swear I think some roads and intersections were purposely designed to see how many accidents and conflictive incidences they could cause.

There is such a disconnect with some rappers between how creative and poetic some of their music is to how retarded they sound when speaking off the cuff.

Men’s restroom lines are always longer than women’s at big events and crowded bars.  It somehow does not stop the fact that every time this occurs, you will hear some bozo indignantly complain, “Ah, what!? A line for the guy’s bathroom?” (Yo bro, pee in the sink!)

More search features need to be like Google.  There is no excuse for searching for “TJ,” getting no results, but then searching for “T.J.” (with periods), and getting the results you’re looking for.

There’s a huge gulf between thinking someone’s “hot” and seeing him or her as potential partner.

I hate when celebrities talk about how much they work like it’s comparable to construction or sitting in a cubicle for $30,000/year.

Articles deploring the prominence of anorexic models while categorizing 130-pound women as “plus size” are just as guilty of what they’re criticizing.

I love the appearance of effortless style but there’s no such thing.  All stylish people spend a great deal of time and effort crafting their look.

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