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Women’s March (Trump Protest)

The Women’s March that occurred this past weekend included somewhere around 3 to 4 million Americans, according to various reports.  People marched for a variety of reasons, but [..]

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Take America Back

I came across a retro postcard of the Western Motor Inn. The neon sign hovers above the swimming pool where kids are splashing. The parking lot is filled [..]


The Donald

So, Donald Trump’s over-the-top rhetoric dramatically escalated since I wrote the following piece.  Even his amusing personality isn’t really funny to me anymore. I have a confession to [..]

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Thoughts on Race and Policing

What seemed a dormant issue in America is once again an active volcano. The circumstances surrounding Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray have ushered in a new [..]

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Political Jadedness

I used to be submerged in politics. I could recall every minute detail of the day’s activity on The Hill. It was legitimately exciting to me, like sports [..]

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My Election Take

The day after the election—this is the day difficult to imagine ever coming.  In the thick of the piercing attack ads, the tightening polls, and the wild prognostications, [..]


Everybody’s Got One

So, it’s that old presidential election season again.  And boy is it in full swing right now.  Mitt Romney pounded out President Obama in the first debate; Obama [..]


Political Fantasies

Not many people, despite how laudable it is, support Communism as a realistic and workable economic system.  It’s not that they necessarily disagree with the idea and essence [..]


2012 Just Got Real

Mitt Romney recently selected Paul Ryan as his running mate in the 2012 Presidential election—and I’m so glad.  Both sides of the political spectrum are applauding the move.  [..]


Jesus, What Do You Think?

There have been plenty of articles written on this topic.  I don’t care.  Nonetheless, they ask the same question: if Jesus was alive today, politically, would he be [..]