I Haven’t Arrived

An aricle I wrote a couple years ago.

I have a problem.  I’m here on this earth in Denver, CO.  I’m 26-years-old, in school, truckin’ through life.  But what’s my meaning or cause? I don’t have one.  I’ve had no existential adversity in my life (it’s been a mess in my head, but that’s a whole different topic).  My generation is not defined or characterized by a major occurrence or theme.  Yeah, there’s the War on Terror and other things.  But relatively, especially when compared to the World Wars or the Great Depression, that’s small stuff.  I feel like I stand for nothing in particular, like I represent what older generations would classify as indifferent, apathetic, and spineless.  I’ve had nothing to fight for, nothing to stand up to.  Maybe you could look at that as a good thing.  A tranquil life is what most people seem to desire.  But I don’t know. For me personally, lacking any sort of adversity as a kid makes me feel inadequate in a way.  People who’ve had rough childhoods seem to have an advantage.  It’s a weird proposition.  I’m not saying I wish I experienced a tough childhood, but at the same time, it’s beneficial to have had a rough childhood if you’ve escaped it sanely.  It makes you more grounded and strong-willed.  I say the same thing about war.  I’m not saying I wish I had gone through war, but again, if you’ve experienced war and made it out sanely, you have a definite advantage over your fainthearted, non-war citizens in the courage and accomplishment department.  I guess I want the advantages of adversity without experiencing adversity.  Wow! What does that say about me? Ha ha!  Who knows?  I’m only 26.  I read somewhere that Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin did not achieve anything meaningful until middle age.  In the mean time I’ll remain on autopilot, attempting to complete society’s requisite steps in this thing called life.

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