A Day in the Life

Circa 2007.  A glimpse into my life at that time.

I got off work around two o’clock pm.  Got in, ate a can of tuna and a packet of top ramen noodles to ease the hunger, and then hopped on the internet to check my email and the new fantasy football rankings after the weekend.  I’m definitely glad I don’t have to drink again till at least probably Thursday.  After learning nothing too drastic happened since last night, I hit up the gym before peak time so I could actually get on a bench.  On the way I listened to my new sshhh… SA-RA, oh its nice!  I was bored, the game needed this — Afro Magnetic Electronic Spiritualism was bumpin out of my speakers.   Gym was nice, didn’t want to go, but got into it, there, and was glad I went — like every time.  Got home to my pad on the edge of the ghetto, like the Five Points divider, and chilled out for a little bit.  Hopped on the internet again to look for potentially good match ups in fantasy football for the coming week and checked Myspace and Facebook to confirm no one has written on my wall in three months.  Hunger resumed so I jumped on my fixie to grab some Qdoba and add another burrito toward another free one.  Always tasty!  Took the long way home on the fixie cause I didn’t want it to end.  I feel so free on it.  After dodgin’ a few bums I knew I was home.  Hopped on the internet hoping I would magically find my niche, my calling,  my purpose  in life… no luck, maybe next time!… later tonight or tomorrow.  My girl told my she was coming over; I like that for certain reasons, and more reasons.  I get to sharpen up my argumentative skills, and other skills, if you know what I mean — a  fun rollercoaster.  This whole day I’ve been meaning to read. I recently caught this classic literature bug, a new field to explore I guess.  I’m three-quarters done with The Catcher in the Rye.   I wanted to finish it today, but I read 3 pages and passed out.

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