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Thoughts on Faith

Faith is the keyword to Christianity.  The whole foundation is based on having faith that what Jesus said on earth will rein true in our lives after death.  [..]


The Route to the Pinnacle

I’m fascinated by people who sit atop their respective fields – the people whose names are synonymous with the very field itself: Mohammed Ali with boxing, Miles Davis [..]


Dolla, Dolla Bill Y’all

Alex Rodriguez recently signed a ten-year, $275 million contract with the Yankees, while the median salary for a typical public school teacher in the United States is $50,835.  [..]


Unwarranted Heroism

The hero moniker is overplayed.  If you digest any amount of news you know that everything that everyone does is heroic and that every profession outside of Wall [..]

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The Inevitable Past

Everything that has happened started somewhere.  Everyone’s current position in life is the result of decisions, random occurrences, chance encounters, and experiences breeding experiences.  Each pivotal point, from [..]


The Jinx Trap

I used to try to avoid getting jinxed all the time.  Outside of avoiding being that guy, avoiding being jinxed was atop my list of life goals.  And [..]

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That’s Satisfying

Can you only be satisfied after being unsatisfied? Can you only feel the euphoria of satisfying a need or desire if you’ve been experiencing the strain of that [..]


Beneath the Surface

I believe our society’s sliding scale for rewarding temperament is slanted too far in the direction of extroversion.   Outgoing, attention-hoarding, aggressive people are more respected, followed, and listened [..]


I Can, You Can

With the Republican presidential primary season underway, the topic of the role of government inevitably enters the roundtable.  Much of this discussion originates from ideas about what separates [..]

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What is Greatness?

An article I wrote April 2008. You can do it if you put your mind to it.  If there’s a will there’s a way.  No, wrong.  You can’t [..]