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The Design Sucks

We cannot escape the experience of being human. Everybody feels the full spectrum of emotions and lives within the confines of their physical makeups. And that freaking blows [..]

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Apples to Apples

Two standard pieces of advice we often hear: don’t compare yourself to other people and be thankful for what you have. Pretty universally accepted I think. However, in [..]

Philosophy, Rants

Political Jadedness

I used to be submerged in politics. I could recall every minute detail of the day’s activity on The Hill. It was legitimately exciting to me, like sports [..]

Politics, Rants


I’ve noticed that I only feel creative when I’m pissed off or depressed. This creates an unusual tension. I love to write, vent, connect dots, and make observations. [..]

My Life

Fantasy Football Is Life

A statement out of a girlfriend or wife’s worst nightmare might go something like this: Fantasy football is life! I imagine that’d be near the pinnacle of cringe [..]


Because We Already Know the Answer

I’m not sure what it says about my personality, or my place in life, but I’m a sucker for self-help articles.  No article about improving your life or [..]


Why I Love Twitter

Not all social media applications are created equal.  I don’t particularly like social media.  I can, however, easily say I love Twitter.  For people unfamiliar, it’s easy to [..]


Don’t Knock the Hustle

I’m always amazed at the level of disrespect that certain people receive.  I think we all dish it.  How sexy and awesome is the sportscaster Mike Tirico or [..]


Tinder: An Unexpected Realization

I’m 30 years old and single.  This is my doing.  I’ve had plenty of opportunities for girlfriends in the past couple of years.  I’ve traditionally been against relationships [..]

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People can be really cool, unique, or weird on the surface.  There’s the emo-gothic guy with the six-inch platform shoes on, trench coat, and gobs of eyeliner.  There’s [..]